Direct Mode

The Direct Mode lets you directly add files to archives without additional steps like saving. This is especially useful for large archives. You can also directly delete files from archives, rename files inside an archive, and move them around – all without recompressing.

There are a few limitations for this mode: Not all operations can be done directly in all types of archives. All archive formats that BetterZip supports for archive creation can be created in Direct Mode. However, only single-volume ZIP, 7-ZIP, and RAR archives can be modified, i.e., deleting, renaming, and moving files around is not supported for TAR based archives and multi-volume archives. In those cases, BetterZip will automatically disable Direct Mode and switch back to classic mode. Another noteworthy point is that solid archives (RAR and 7-ZIP support this compression level) will be as slow with modifications as the recompressing in normal mode would be.
Unlike classic mode the Direct Mode does not have undo capabilities.

To enable Direct Mode click the Direct Mode toolbar button or choose File > Direct Mode from the menu.